Hey there! I’m Brandon Lee, Founder and CEO of Yip Yip, Inc.

Here’s a quick, informal summary about me:

1) I adore my wife. 

We have 5 kids. I think they are all awesome and I love being a dad. I met my wife in a parking lot. We got married 1 year later and the rest is history.

2) I have the entrepreneur bug. 

I have been starting “companies” since as I far back as I can remember. It might have started with mowing lawns at the age of 10, or making candy and selling it door-to-door with my childhood friend Mark. I also had a paper route for lots of years. In my professional career, I have had a few business successes with great exits. I have some not so good closures that have helped build character and made me learn a lot. It’s all good.

3) I love to read and I love to help others grow. 

A few of my favorite books are; The Sixth Discipline by Peter Senge, Talk Like Ted, Love Languages and Good to Great. I co-wrote my first book for entrepreneurs called 99 Powerful Questions for Business Owners & Leaders and I am writing a second book on a M.A.P to Entrepreneur Success and co-writing another book called M.A.P to Teenager Success with my oldest daughter. 

4) Soccer is a passion of mine. 

It was my childhood escape.  I was able to play several times in Europe as a teenager and it was a great experience with many memories. I have been a Manchester United fan since 1983 but I love the US National team too. 

5) My journey to date has given me the privilege of living in 5 states and in Mexico for about a year. 

I went to Claremont McKenna College, a really small college in Southern California. I enjoyed going to school there. Met some great friends there, one of which is one of my business partners at Yip Yip, Steve. We have known each other for 29 years. Nathan, who is my other partner, leads our technology team, and we have known each other for 19 years and started 3 companies together. 

To sum it up, what we’re doing with Yip Yip is an extension of our previous companies. By Design Publishing and Digital Lizard were both companies with platforms that personalized and published communication for 1000’s and 1000’s of sales reps and business owners. From an early point in my life, I knew that my life long mission and vision was to help professionals have an easier work life by using innovative ways to sell and be better at what they do so it gives them more time. That is my hope for the business and where I hope Yip Yip can be a huge help in the industry. 

Brandon Lee is the Founder and CEO of Yip Yip, Inc. Brandon is a serial business builder who specializes in creating companies that help businesses increase revenues through personalized communication systems. He developed and continues to use a framework called Liked, Trusted and Remembered to help businesses and professional service providers grow their business through their starting new relationships and nurturing existing relationships.

Prior to founding Yip Yip, Brandon created and sold 3 other companies. Digital Lizard, Inc., a full-service digital print and fulfillment provider specializing in private-label and custom online ordering systems. He also founded By Design Publishing where he developed a complete online and offline marketing solution for companies in the home services industries like real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage lenders and other small businesses. Additionally, Brandon was a co-founder of DVM Reminder where he helped create and launch HealthyPet Magazine, a personalized pet vaccination, and appointment reminder program.

He is a certified Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and a Certified Sales Trainer with Brian Tracy International. He has recently published his first book, 99 Powerful Questions for Business Owners & Leaders” and Co-Founded 99 Powerful Questions Publishing; a company that helps business leaders build their personal brands and grow their business revenues with book marketing systems.

He currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Kravis Leadership Institute. He is also an entrepreneurial mentor at Providence Christian Academy in Lilburn, GA. He and his wife, Meghan, have five children and live in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.